Then, it is undertaken by Us to explain it. [75:19]

Maryam 22-26

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Continuation of the story: conception and birth


۞ فَحَمَلَتۡهُ فَٱنتَبَذَتۡ بِهِۦ مَكَانً۬ا قَصِيًّ۬ا (٢٢) فَأَجَآءَهَا ٱلۡمَخَاضُ إِلَىٰ جِذۡعِ ٱلنَّخۡلَةِ قَالَتۡ يَـٰلَيۡتَنِى مِتُّ قَبۡلَ هَـٰذَا وَڪُنتُ نَسۡيً۬ا مَّنسِيًّ۬ا (٢٣)

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Then, after this conversation, Jibreel blew in the opening of her dress by which she became pregnant with a boy. Then when the signs of delivery became apparent to her, she withdrew from her home taking the foetus to a faraway place somewhere in the wilderness. Then when the contractions began, the birth pangs drove her to the trunk of a date-palm in order to lean and rest beside it. At this point, not having anyone to give her company and completely exhausted from the pain – conventional means of comfort which normally should be available at such times were nowhere to be found, and on the other hand afraid of being blamed and cursed due to the child about to be born – in the end, she panicked and cried out, O that I would have died before this state, and would have been something gone, forgotten.


فَنَادَٮٰهَا مِن تَحۡتِہَآ أَلَّا تَحۡزَنِى قَدۡ جَعَلَ رَبُّكِ تَحۡتَكِ سَرِيًّ۬ا (٢٤)

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Then, at that very instance, by Allah’s command, Jibreel came and out of respect for her did not appear in front of her. Instead he stood at a place which was beneath her and concealed from her and from this place beneath her he called out to her, which Maryam (alaihas salam) recognized to be the voice of that same angel who appeared earlier, Do not grieve due to being alone with no means of comfort or because of fearing blame. Lack of comforting means has thus been resolved in that your Lord has made in the area beneath your feet a stream. By looking at it and drinking from it you will receive soothing comfort. (According to Imam al-Aloosi’s narration she was also thirsty.)

From a medicinal point of view, the use of items with heat generating properties (musakkhinaat) prior to or after delivery eases the process of birth, removes unwanted matter, and aids in the re-strengthening of the body. If the water is slightly warm as observed in some streams, this proves even more appropriate for ones physical well-being. In addition, dates which are highly nourishing, rich in proteins and good fats needed for the replenishment of blood due to also strengthening the joints, back and kidney etc., are from the best of foods and remedies in relation to child-birth. The harm associated to the property of heat contained within dates, firstly, is negligible due to this being less in the case of fresh dates (rutab), secondly, it is rectified with the water, and thirdly, harm occurs when one is suffering from existing ailments in the body. Otherwise, there really isn’t anything truly free of all harm.

In addition to strengthening the body, the occurrences of extraordinary events for the obedient are signs of miracles, acceptance by Allah, and a means of spiritual happiness.


وَهُزِّىٓ إِلَيۡكِ بِجِذۡعِ ٱلنَّخۡلَةِ تُسَـٰقِطۡ عَلَيۡكِ رُطَبً۬ا جَنِيًّ۬ا (٢٥) فَكُلِى وَٱشۡرَبِى وَقَرِّى عَيۡنً۬ا‌ۖ فَإِمَّا تَرَيِنَّ مِنَ ٱلۡبَشَرِ أَحَدً۬ا فَقُولِىٓ إِنِّى نَذَرۡتُ لِلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ صَوۡمً۬ا فَلَنۡ أُڪَلِّمَ ٱلۡيَوۡمَ إِنسِيًّ۬ا (٢٦)

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And shake this trunk of the date-palm towards yourself. It will drop upon you ripe dates. In this also, by eating the dates and observing the miraculous event, both physical and spiritual happiness are gathered. So eat these dates and drink this water and let your eyes be cool. In other words, by looking at and being close to the child, eating, drinking and observing the sign of acceptance with Allah Most High, remain happy. Then when a possibility of blame arises by someone becoming aware of this incident, this has been thus resolved in that if you see from humans anyone coming and objecting, do not speak anything to them. Instead, by means of gesture say to them, I have vowed an oath with the All-Merciful of such fasting in which I am restricted from speaking. Therefore, for this reason I will not speak for all of today to any human; although prayer and supplication will remain permitted. Simply do this much, and rest assured. Allah Ta’ala will enable this blessed child to speak as a miracle. The manifestation of the miracle will prove your chastity and protect you from all blame. Thus all grief was removed.


If this longing for death was due to worldly grief, then the overpowering of circumstances will be considered its excuse. In it the human being does not remain fully responsible. If it was due to religious grief, i.e. the possibility of people degrading her name wherein perhaps she will not be able to observe patience, resulting in the sin of impatience (death being a protection from such impatience), then this type of longing for death is not prohibited.

If doubt arises that Maryam (alaihas salam) was told to inform of her being under oath, whereas she made no such oath, the reply will be that from this very injunction it is understood that she should also go ahead and make the oath, then disclose it.

The restriction on speaking during a fast was in their sacred-law. In our sacred-law this has been abrogated [limaa rawaaho abu daawood marfoo’an … wa hassanahu al-Suyooti wa al-Azeezi]

The use of water and dates is also medically beneficial to ease the pain of child-birth. Apparently, the command of eating and drinking is to indicate permissibility, and Allah knows best.

Conception and birth without the touching of a male defies the laws of nature. In the case of such extraordinary events, no matter how difficult to comprehend, there is no harm. However, in this particular incident, there is even less far-fetchedness. Based on what is stated in some medical archives, female sperm, in addition to holding receptacle properties and becoming fertilized, contain the ability to fertilize with the help of a certain extremely rare, yet plausible, tumor. Hence, in instances of arrhenoblastoma (a solid, sometimes malignant, tumor of the ovary that usually produces male sex hormones) incomplete limbs and organs have been observed upon ’self’ fertilization. Therefore, if this inherent fertilizing capability is somehow enhanced, this would not be very far-fetched.

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